The Rowan Cross and Red Thread Charm  












An Ancient Charm Of Protection 


In the British Isles, there is a magical and very powerful charm made from two pieces of rowan wood.

Tying two small twigs of rowan together wih red thread in the form of an equal armed cross is an age old protective amulet.

This ancient little charm has been used for centuries for protection and good luck for both people and animals. These beautiful rowan charms are designed to be placed above any opening in your home...above a door, a window, or even your hearth.

A rowan charm may be hung above your infant's cradle for the protection against faeries that may cause harm.

Place a rowan cross above your  pet's bed for protection and good luck.

A bride will sew a tiny rowan cross into the hem of her wedding dress to bring fortune and good luck to her marriage.

If you plan to travel, be sure to carry a rowan cross for a safe journey.

 Each of the rowan crosses I create include a circle of rowan berries strung with a thin thread of copper, a very powerful metal that directs energy, both electrical and physical and acts as an aide in the body's healing process. 

 each rowan cross comes with a gift tag         


a ring of dried rowan berries is attached to each rowan cross for added protective properties


100% organic cotton thread is used      


Every September and October, we hand pick the rowan berries from wild trees found in the woods around the Glastonbury area. 

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